Different Styles of Clogs

There are shoes, and then there are clogs shoes. One of the oldest forms of footwear clogs took off during the time of the industrial revolution when workers in the mills, mines, fields, and factories needed a cheap form of footwear. At the same time, it needed to be robust and durable. These had an open back and a closed front and were typically made up of a wooden sole. Most of the times, the entire shoe was crafted out of wood, but there were occasions when the upper part was made up of sturdy leather. Clog dancing got its name from clog shoe and was a very popular activity among the peasant class. Dancers wore clogs shoes with specialized heels, but these sounded different compared to the traditional tap heels.

The clog shoe today has undergone tremendous changes, though the basic design remains the same. They have no backs or only have a small lip at the end of the shoe. The bottom portion of the shoes is shaped with an upward curve going from middle to the toe area. Also, they are made up of a variety of materials now including leather, rubber, canvas, suede, cloth or even plastic. There are specialized clogs shoes worn by chefs, gardeners, the hospital staff and other professionals. But they are also commonly used as everyday footwear because of their comfort.Given below are some different styles of clogs, which you may like for yourself.

Sanita’s Fashion Buckle Wooden Cloggs

This is the hottest trend in this season. So, if you want to look fashionable and chic, go and buy a pair of a wooden clog for yourself. The clogs have again been back to fashion with a lot more varying styles. The clogs from Sanita are just fabulous. The wooden clogs from Sanita feature the smooth luxury leather upper and a low wooden heel with a chunky oversized buckle.

Sanita’s Frill High Heel Cloggs

The clogs have come back to fashion and are sure to remain in the fashion industry for few upcoming years. So, if you do not have a pair of clogs, you must go and buy a pair of this style soon. You can find some brands designing and manufacturing clogs. However, Sanita is said to be the most popular brand when it comes to manufacturing clogs for women. This mainly designed shoe from Sanita is very much feminine. These shoes look great when worn with a pair of jeans.

Sanita’s Fashion Strap Clog Sandals

These clogs are fabulous. These shoes have high heels, cute buckle ankle straps, and clog soles. The best part about these shoes is that they go well with all kinds of apparels. Whether you plan to go where these shoes with skinny jeans or with a skirt or cute dress, these shoes compliment almost any type of outfit. Sanita is the world leader in manufacturing clogs. So, when it comes to buying clogs from Sanita, you can remain assured of one thing you will be provided with quality leathers, and thus you will be very comfortable after wearing them.

Rascal’s Peep Toe High Heel Clogs

This shoe is very sexy and suits women who have a bold fashion statement. These boots are not meant for all kinds of women. If you want other women to follow your fashion, you must wear a pair of these clogs from Rascal. These shoes are of the peep toe variety. The peep toe high heel clogs are the hottest boots among women. A woman can wear them with or without tights or can even wear them with skinny jeans. It would look best when worn at parties or night outs.

Clogs shoes have become very trendy footwear worn by the masses and fashion conscious people alike. From fashion runways to retail stores, it’s hard not to spot them. They have a growing fan following among both men and women, and you can find a clog for any need and purpose.

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