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Different Styles of Clogs

There are shoes, and then there are clogs shoes. One of the oldest forms of footwear clogs took off during the time of the industrial revolution when workers in the mills, mines, fields, and factories needed a cheap form of footwear. At the same time, it needed to be robust and durable. These had an open back and a closed front and were typically made up of a wooden sole. Most of the times, the entire shoe was crafted out of wood, but there were occasions when the upper part was made up of sturdy leather. Clog dancing got its name from clog shoe and was a very popular activity among the peasant class. Dancers wore clogs shoes with specialized heels, but these sounded different compared to the traditional tap heels.

The clog shoe today has undergone tremendous changes, though the basic design remains the same. They have no backs or only have a small lip at the end of the shoe. The bottom portion of the shoes is shaped with an upward curve going from middle to the toe area. Also, they are made up of a variety of materials now including leather, rubber, canvas, suede, cloth or even plastic. There are specialized clogs shoes worn by chefs, gardeners, the hospital staff and other professionals. But they are also commonly used as everyday footwear because of their comfort.Given below are some different styles of clogs, which you may like for yourself.

Sanita’s Fashion Buckle Wooden Cloggs

This is the hottest trend in this season. So, if you want to look fashionable and chic, go and buy a pair of a wooden clog for yourself. The clogs have again been back to fashion with a lot more varying styles. The clogs from Sanita are just fabulous. The wooden clogs from Sanita feature the smooth luxury leather upper and a low wooden heel with a chunky oversized buckle.

Sanita’s Frill High Heel Cloggs

The clogs have come back to fashion and are sure to remain in the fashion industry for few upcoming years. So, if you do not have a pair of clogs, you must go and buy a pair of this style soon. You can find some brands designing and manufacturing clogs. However, Sanita is said to be the most popular brand when it comes to manufacturing clogs for women. This mainly designed shoe from Sanita is very much feminine. These shoes look great when worn with a pair of jeans.

Sanita’s Fashion Strap Clog Sandals

These clogs are fabulous. These shoes have high heels, cute buckle ankle straps, and clog soles. The best part about these shoes is that they go well with all kinds of apparels. Whether you plan to go where these shoes with skinny jeans or with a skirt or cute dress, these shoes compliment almost any type of outfit. Sanita is the world leader in manufacturing clogs. So, when it comes to buying clogs from Sanita, you can remain assured of one thing you will be provided with quality leathers, and thus you will be very comfortable after wearing them.

Rascal’s Peep Toe High Heel Clogs

This shoe is very sexy and suits women who have a bold fashion statement. These boots are not meant for all kinds of women. If you want other women to follow your fashion, you must wear a pair of these clogs from Rascal. These shoes are of the peep toe variety. The peep toe high heel clogs are the hottest boots among women. A woman can wear them with or without tights or can even wear them with skinny jeans. It would look best when worn at parties or night outs.

Clogs shoes have become very trendy footwear worn by the masses and fashion conscious people alike. From fashion runways to retail stores, it’s hard not to spot them. They have a growing fan following among both men and women, and you can find a clog for any need and purpose.

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It’s not Irish dancing either

The causes of Irish tap dancing or step dancing are lost in the fogs of time. It is satisfying to envision that in the antiquated courts of the Irish Kings young men and young ladies were dancing and tapping their feet to the sound of high-quality woodwinds or shrieks.

The act of dancing with the body and arms kept still can be found in hornpipes and dances moved by mariners. This may have been helpful in a swarmed dispatch or as a trial of the artists capacity to stay upright without utilizing their arms for adjusting in a pitching ship.

Would it be excessively fanciful, making it impossible to envision that the moves may have been a test for a tanked individual to stay upright while demonstrating their expertise at quick dancing? Without music, the tapping of stops up would upgrade the execution. Almost certainly, most ships would have somebody who could play a pipe or shriek. The fiery move would be a brilliant route for mariners confined in their vessels to get some seriously required exercise.

In the sixteenth century, artists could be discovered engaging in palaces joined by bagpipes and harps. Hard shoes are known as “substantial shoes” “dance shoes” had wooden taps with nails. The sound delivered i.e. the tapping offered to ascend to the rhythms related with step dancing. Present day shoes utilize fiberglass for a lighter and more full impact.

Irish moves are separated into two classifications: political move an execution move. Social progress subdivides into céilí and sets dancing. In Sean-nós (old style), the artists, for the most part, moved to one artist. In the nineteenth-century move, aces went around Ireland showing step dancing, and they institutionalized numerous developments.

A stone was frequently set in the floor, and this went about as a stage so shoes would make a loud snap. The nails in the shoes would cause starts as they hit the stone. It is additionally said that individuals would once in a while evacuate entryways and utilize them to move on. Tables, stools, and barrels have likewise been used to exhibit the ability of the artist.

Irish dancing has obtained from different nations, for example, France but the Irish diaspora has taken Irish style to numerous different nations. In America, Irish advance dancing and African rhythms joined to frame “buck and wing dancing” the precursor of present-day tap dancing.

Focused dancing is well known in Ireland and wherever Irish individuals have gone. “Feis” is the Irish Gaelic name for a move rivalry or celebration. There are different levels given age and mastery. Young men and young ladies contend up to open title level, and after that they are isolated. Judges search for quick footwork, great style, and cadenced ability. Big showdowns draw in artists from all finished and give an incredible exhibition.

A great many people have seen and known about dance. This energizing modernization of customary Irish advance move was first observed as a significant aspect of the Eurovision Song Contest when it was held. Lines of artists utilizing quick footwork joined with blending music excited the group of onlookers. The music of Riverdance is established in extravagant impacted customary music known as “Timedance” It is presently a prevalent showy show visiting the world. Dancing in a constrained space and making excellent percussion impact with the feet makes incredible vitality and energy that rapidly conveys to the gathering of people.



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Clog is not tap

Tap dancing was made renowned by Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, Gregory Hines and Sammy Davis Junior, who are altogether outstanding dancers of ‘rhythmic tap’. Rhythmic tap is a sort of tap dancing whose performers are called ‘hoofers’ as they make a louder sound with their shoes and dance basically utilizing leg developments.

Tap dancing ascended in prevalence in the 1930s, 40s and 50s when dancers like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, who were unmistakable on the vaudeville circuit, relocated to TV and film to grandstand their abilities.

Tap has created with impact from Irish advance and step dancing, English clog dancing, expressive dance, and African dance. In America, dances purchased to the states from Africa through the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade were adjusted to be consolidated in minstrel appears in the 1820’s. Considerably later, Gene Kelly was likewise renowned for including components from his broad expressive dance preparing and other present day dance forms to tap.

Tap is exceptionally rhythmic in its style and the footwork is deliberately percussive, in this way adding an inviting sound component to the movement.

Tap shoes are a vital element for any tap dancer as they give the sound that separates this dance! Tap shoes are fitted with a metal plate on the sole, at the foot sole area and the toe, which influences a clicking to commotion against the floor when the dancer completes a move. Mainstream tap dance developments are the rearrange, fold, brush, spasm roll and ball change.

Tap shoes more often than not come in dark however are accessible in different hues and are made of calfskin for the external material, canvas for within then wood and plastic on the sole. There are a few different styles of tap shoes, called the Mary Jane, which are useful for learners, the Oxford, which are level and better for experienced dancers, and split sole jazz tap shoes which best in class dancers generally wear as they are more adaptable for harder dance steps.

The most vital piece of tap shoes is the sound. The three different sounds for taps are teletone, duotone and supertone. The arrangement and number of screws at the base of the shoes are what deliver the different sounds and they are movable keeping in mind the end goal to shift the sounds. Teletone tap shoes are the most widely recognized; they have three screws on each tap. Dancers may begin to incline toward a specific sound once they are accustomed to dancing and the taps that their shoes make.

Solace is additionally principal as dancing in awkward shoes isn’t agreeable for anybody. It’s fitting to dance a little in a couple of shoes before getting them and to hold up under at the top of the priority list that they may should be softened up a little before they are prepared to be danced in.

Additionally, fit is imperative with regards to tap shoes in light of the fact that the tap sounds will sound different if a shoe is too enormous or too little, so ideal fit will create ideal sounds from the shoe. Another type of clog is the one used for clogging or clog-dancing. These are shoes that make a distinct sound, sort of like tap shoes. Rhythmical tapping and movement create both a dance to behold and a melody to listen to. There are different versions of clog-dancing but that is another topic.

Why should comfort be sacrificed in the name of looking good? Why should we choose between two things that we actually deserve? We deserve to look good and feel comfortable and there isn’t any other way around that. Several styles of clogs have emerged and each one of them can compete in the fashion department. Be it a wedge, a pump or cute flats. There has also been the spread of adding a special and personalized decor to your clogs, like the Jibbits of Crocs. All you need is a quirky sense of style and you can just pull any outfit off with a pair of clogs.

Once a dancer has chosen the tap shoes they need, the fun piece of taking in the strategy of tap dancing starts. It has been famous all through history as an entertaining and exciting form of dance. A fruitful tap dancer should be dexterous the same number of brisk developments are associated with a decent movement schedule. If you watch dancers like Sammy Davis Jr. or on the other hand Fred Astaire performing, it’s not hard to think about how they stayed so fit as a fiddle!

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History of Clog Dancing

You’ve always wanted to challenge something exciting, even though you know it’s good for you and does not require a lot of boring work from you. Then that’s something clog dance. You can do it alone, with a partner or within a group. All three ways are fun, fun, fun. If you join an organized clogging group, you will find that you have new friends as you become more acceptable to yourself and your colleagues. Since clogging groups are special in their own way, so will you.

What is clogging?

Several sources describe the American form of clogging as hillbilly tapping or foot-stomping folk dancing, in which the dancer creates musically synchronized sounds with his feet. In the past, it was done with mountain and bluegrass music with lofty leg movements combined with foot shuffling, pounding and pounding. Nowadays it is done in the same way for many kinds of music. Children and adolescents generally make it faster, faster, and more precise than adults.

Where did the clogging come from?

Blockages go back to European folk dances and jigs from the 16th century. It was attributed to the dances of the Scottish-Irish steppers, Dutch cloggs (in wooden shoes or in soft shoes with wooden soles), Euro-Russian Gypsies and English-French-German folk dancers. On this continent, the immigrants who settled in Canada, the Appalachians, and the mountainous regions of the south developed their own early style. Amongst all the early settlers who liked to stomp and dance were the Native Americans, Frontiersmen, African Americans, cowboys, farmers, ranchers and hillbillys, mountain dwellers, and small town dwellers. All of these regional sects have influenced clogging styles in one way or another. Today it is characterized by contemporary clogging groups and by the different types of modern music in addition to the traditional ones.

How is clogging taught or done?

In general, clogging is learned in groups under a teacher who carefully teaches his terminology and step routines, and ensures that it is done at the time of the music. However, if no such group is nearby, educational videos and DVDs can be found in some dance shops and on the Internet.
In short, the basic plugging step is a double-toe tip made with one of your feet, followed by kicking on the balls of each foot. First, starting with your left foot, swipe your toe forward and then back, tap, and then tap the same foot (ball). Immediately after this left tap-tap-ball move, you step on your right ball and then return to your left ball. That’s it, the basic step, left-to-tap-forward, left-toe-tap-backward, left-step-ball, right-step-ball, left-step-ball.

Now repeat this step movement, starting with your right foot and then alternately with your left. Once you have learned to repeat this step fleet-footed, you will be able to easily make the slight variations. As your balance and squat skills increase, you will move to longer and slightly varied routines based on these steps. In addition, you can play alone, with a partner, or within a group, as in line dancing or as a team. You can also develop your own solo freestyle routines.

Note: The initial double-toe tap of the basic step can also be performed as a heel-to-toe tap, as is sometimes done in certain parts of the country. The basic motion is the same as above, except that the initial toe tap is replaced with a heel tap, a heel down arrow, a down arrow backward pass, a step ball, a step ball, a step ball and so on.

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Bluegrass Clog Dancing

While we are working on some great content, please enjoy this video!

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